Payments can be made by cash, credit card, bank transfer or check.

A manager's check is preferred. In case payment is made by a personal check, then the school requires payment at least 3 (three) working days prior to the due date of the invoice. All checks must be made payable to "Al-Mizhar American Academy". A charge of AED500 will be made for any returned or dishonoured check. Post-dated check are to be lodged for Semester 2 at any time in advance of the due date.

Bank Transfers
Please contact Darihun Pimenta, Accountant at Al-Mizhar American Academy, +971 (0)4 288 7250, ext. 206 for account details to make bank transfers. All charges are the responsibility of the remitter. When a bank transfer is made, please ensure that all relevant information is added to the transfer form including student name and grade, and confirm transfer by contacting Darihun Pimenta, Accountant via telephone +971 (0)4 288 7250, ext. 206, or email

Credit Card Payments
We accept MasterCard and Visa only. Please click here to download the Credit Card Authorisation Form.

Tuition Refund Policy
Notice of student withdrawal and application for a tuition refund at the request of the parent/guardian must be made in writing to the School Principal. Ministry of Education regulations govern the school tuition refund policies outlined below:

I. Student withdrawal prior to the start of the academic year
If the student has NOT attended ANY classes, the balance of the first semester fee paid is refunded minus any registration fee made for placing the student on the school's official class list. This refund is subject to approval by the Principal and in compliance with the Ministry of Education rules.

II. Student withdrawal during the school term
Fees will be charged for 1 full month if a student attends school for 2 weeks or less.
Fees will be charged for 2 full months if a student attends school for more than 2 weeks and less than 1 month.
Fees will be charged for the 3 full months if a student attends school for more than 1 month.

Please contact our Accountant in case of any questions.