At AAM, we provide a well-rounded and extra-curricular program for students in Grades 1 to 12, enhancing their life at school and broadening their experiences and opportunities. Extra-curricular activities allow students to get out of the classroom, to bond with their peers and others and to experience activities and challenges that are beneficial to their overall learning, physical and emotional health, as well as personal growth and development.

We strongly encourage all of our students to participate in activities that are of interest for them, or at least one that particularly suits them.

Our extra-curricular and afterschool activities that are offered include Student Council, Model United Nations (MUN), Book Club, Rugby, Film Studies, Band, Robotics, Painting, Writer's Workshop, Aqua Club, Public Speaking, Student Leadership, Drama Club, Advanced Gymnastics, Scrapbooking, Spanish Club, Qur’an Club, Cooking, Arabic Club, Educational Trips and more.

There may be a small charge for materials in some activities.

An extra-curricular activity program that is held at the school, intended to enrich our girls with life skills and curiosity to explore new endeavors. The acronym stands for Creativity, Happiness, Innovation, Pioneering, and Spirited activities. The program aligns with the direction of the UAE in the present time, which strives to bring a happy environment across all establishments and environments to nourish the surrounding culture and the wellbeing of our students firstly and foremost.

Current Term Program (Feb-Mar 2017):

African Drumming
Karen Wood
Learning Lab
500AED. The aim of this class is to expose children to West African music and culture through entertainment. In this happy learning environment children can discover the fun of learning. Learning to listen, to the sounds of their drums and to each other, is the additional benefit of this stimulating activity.
Board Games
Amneh Hijazi
Room 20
Students who participate will enjoy playing some board games
Arts and Crafts
Sarah Draz and Shazia Siddique
Elementary Art Room
Students will continue to work on their arts and crafts projects from last semester.
Books truned into movies
Robin Brown
Comparing classic novels that have been adapted to films. Titles for discussion are City of Ember, Tales of Despereaux,Bridge to Teribithia, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Because of Winn Dixie, Harriet the spy, Holes, Ann of Green gables.Grades 5-8 are welcomed.
Deana Hawkins, Cammie P., Rola Saleh
Chemistry Lab
Students will learn about healthy eating. While creating recipes, they will learn to follow directions and use units of measurement. 150AED will be charged for ingredients.
Earth Friends
Theresa Pangari
2nd Art Room
A task-force group that reaches across the school devoted to achieving the Green Flag for AAM. We will raise Floor) environmental issues that will generate school wide changes through events, activities and vibrant campaigns. This will be a full year CHIPS activity.
KenKen Math Club (Grade 4 & 5 only)
Carmen and Corrine
Room 15
students will train for the KenKen competition and play math games, puzzles and challenges. Home project required.
Elementary Newspaper
Room 19
Students will work on and create a newspaper to share their learning from the school.
Golf DXB
Carelle Matheny
Outside Pitch
FREE. Students will work with golf trainers on the basics of golf and work on their swing!
Kindness Club
Sayward and Corrine
Room 5
Dubai Cares / Random acts of kindness (Grades 1-5)
Lift my Literacy
Monique Shenefield
IT Lab
185 AED for year long license Lexia core5 - students (Grades 1-5) will be place tested and will receive targeted activities at their reading level. They will also get 1 -1 or small group mini lessons on concepts that are challenging to them. This CHIPS is great for struggling readers or students that want to further develop their reading skills. Students will set goals, discuss what they are learning, write and reflect. The program can be accessed on computer or iPad and available to the student for independent use until August 18th, 2017.
Student Leadership
Madison Zarnett
Room 14
This club is restricted for student council.
Amal Sunjuq
Activity Room
Using paper to make different shaps, toys and items.
Self Defense
Sharon Burden
500 AED. Students will work with a three-time world champion black belt on how to defend themselves in risky situations. http://thewinningway.net/
Sewing, Embroidery and Crochet
Ilham Stalli
Room 1
150 AED to buy the needed materials. Introduction: When you want to learn something new, it can seem like the whole world knows more than you do and even knowing what to search for can be a major challenge. The best way to learn anything new is to take things one step at a time. Starting to sew or learn how to do embroidery or crochet is simple if you can find the information you need and take things one step at a time. Do you need to know about sewing? How about how to create embroidery or crochet? Our activity will help you to practice these wonderful activities. Students will read and share stories. They may even get to act out the stories.
Story Telling
Karin Tellis
Room 13
Theatre continuation
Lynda Chmarny and Amanda Mariani
Elementary Room
Students who participated in theater this semester should be in it again for next. The performance of Romeo and Juliet will take place in April. Extra rehearsals will be scheduled for after winter break.
Words with Games
Maili Espedilla / Sheena Nolan
Do you enjoy playing games? Do you like letters and words? Come and spend your CHIPS with us and we will have lots of fun while we learn!
AAM IT Champs
IT Lab
Free- Students to participate in various IT based Competition/initiatives.
Arts and Crafts Book
Anita Hawkins
Art Room
Students will work on various art projects to enhance their skills.
Cinema Club
Robin Brown
Comparing classic novels that have been adapted to films. Titles for discussion are City of Ember, Tales of Despereaux, Bridge to Teribithia, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Because of Winn Dixie, Harriet the spy, Holes, Ann of Green gables. Grades 5-8 are welcomed.
Tatiana Sremac
Music Room

Choir welcomes new students who would like to join this semester. Requirements: you must be able to perform in public, and you have to stay in Choir till the end of this academic year. As ChoirFest is coming closer, some extra rehearsals will be announced.

Club Random
Cheryl Hall
Room 25
200 AED Kids would join who have an adventurous mindset--who are open-minded and spirited enough to let an innovative instructor lead them through unexpected topics. A book club discussing the books, comparing to the movie, in depth character analysis and debates.
Harry Potter Fan Club
Natalie Vlah
Room 26
Middle School Newspaper Recycled
Ghada Harhar
Room 41
Students will summarize their learnings and various activites that take place in Middle School and share their learnings in a creative and fun way.
Faten Abi Imona
Room 42
Students will work with recycled materials to create art.
Studnet Council
Alyson Prabhu
Room 39
Student council members are already in place
Study Hall
Faten Al Zohaily
Room 38
Students will have time to work on their homework and ask for assistance.
Alex Politt
450 AED. Professional Tennis coach teach students how to have a proper grip, execute a forehand and backhand ground stroke, rally, toss and serve, execute a forehand volley, execute a backhand volley, hit a tennis ball overhead, play a tennis game.
Lynda Chmarny and Elementary
Elementary Room
Students who participated in theatre this semester should be in it again for next. The performance of Romeo and Juliet will take place in April. Extra rehearsals will be scheduled for after winter break.
AP Study Hall
Wasan Azzam
Room 30
Students will have time to ask for assistance with AP courses and will be able to collect the required resources for their courses.
Tatjana Sremac
Music Room
High school Choir rehearsals in preparation for ChoirFest Middle East 2017. This activity has to be taken for the entire school year!
PE Office
Students will work on creating and working on their own independent circuits.
German Language
Rike Cliff
Room 34
Students will develop their German conversational skills.
Recycled Art
Fateb Ab Imona
Room 42
Students will create art from recycled material
Quran and Quran Stories
Rafia Sulaiman
Room 32
Students will learn about the Quran and discuss the various stories and meanigs from the Quran
Mentoring younger students
Alison Coppola
Room 8
Students will be placed in a KG classroom to support the activities the class is engaged in. Ex. reading a story to a child, playing games with a small group of children, helping them during lunch or anything else the teacher may need.
Creative Writing
Rose Lima
Room 44
Students will write short stories, plays and improve their story telling and creative writing skills. Students will be given the opportunity to dramatize their stories.
AAM IT Champs
Saba Adnan

CHIPS website for parents: http://office.taaleem.ae/AAMParentPortal/Forms/ParentPortalLogin.aspx