Arabic Language Studies:
Learning the Arabic language at AAM plays an important role in our girl’s lives. We believe that development of the Arabic Language is crucial for both cognitive development and maintaining cultural identity.

The curriculum framework at AAM is based on the UAE National Curriculum and is devoted to ensure that it is concept and inquiry based. Our innovative curriculum design helps to stimulate students’ learning and provides relevant and meaningful learning experiences.

Learning Arabic as a first language is a compulsory course for Arab Nationals to Grade 12 (MOE). Arabic as foreign language is required for students until Grade 9. Social Studies curriculum for the UAE is presented to all students across the various phases.

Islamic Studies:
It is essential for all Muslim students to develop a deeper understanding of the Islamic concepts, knowledge in addition to other skills. AAM believes that Islamic Studies promotes the development of student’s mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

Islamic Studies is taught from PreK through Grade 12 with a view to provide the highest possible standard of Islamic education and to develop critical thinkers, independent and responsible citizens.