Gifted and Talented

Gifted: A student who is in possession of untrained and spontaneously-expressed exceptional natural ability in one or more domain of human ability.

Talented: A student who has been able to transform their ‘giftedness’ into exceptional performance. KHDA Definition of SEND Educational needs that are different from those of the majority of students, and which arise from the impact of a disability or recognised disorder. Types of need: Behavioural, Social and EmotionalSensory (e.g. hearing or visual impairment) Physical Disability Medical Conditions or Health Related Disability Speech and Language Disorders Communication and InteractionCommunication and Interaction Learning Difficulties 1: below average general intellectual functioning Learning Difficulties 2: significant learning difficulties Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulty Assessed Syndrome Specific Learning Difficulties: Dyslexia –Reading Dysgraphia-writing/spelling Dyscalculia-using number Dyspraxia-fine and gross motor skills The Student Support staff at AAM are an integral part of the school, who provide strategies and interventions to maximize the learning of all our students, with particular focus on those identified as having English as an Additional Language, being Gifted and Talented or having Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities. The team includes and EAL teacher and EAL Teaching Assistant; SEND teacher and Teaching Assistant and is headed up by the Head of Student Support Providing for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (Students of Determination) We expect all parents to:Be involved and support their child’s education, ensuring they attend regularlyShare all relevant information with us to help us do the best possible job in educating their childKeep talking with the school and respond to advice and recommendationsAttend meetings to discuss their child’s progress, targets and support.  In this school the Inclusion Champion is: Monique Shenefield To contact the Inclusion Champion please use the following link: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.